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Scope of Work (Work Orders)

Scope of Work (Work Orders)

Posted by Mark Hardin on 08/18/2018

Whether you're running one crew or a dozen, you probably want to delegate the daily responsibilities to each crew leader.  TurfHop makes this easy, simply view your route for the day and download the scope of work. Installers will see all of their responsibilities for the day and mark each item as complete (or add a note).

Getting Started

Once you have created and scheduled your job, viewing the work order is easy and can be done from a few different places:

  • Job Screen - go to Actions > Download Scope of Work
  • Schedule - click on a job on the calendar and click Download Scope of Work
  • Daily Route - view your route for the day and go to Actions > Download Scope of Work to see the scope of work for the entire day (combined in 1 PDF)


The scope of work document gives your staff everything they need to know about a job, except the pricing.  They can mark each line item as complete or add installer notes for you to record.

Please contact us if you have questions using this feature!

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