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Free Website With Subscription

Free Website With Subscription

Posted by Kate Strohmeyer

Beta testers needed!  You may have noticed a new "My Website" page under your management area.  Well you guessed it, you can now host and manage your website with TurfHop for free with any subscription.  Use our fully customizable and SEO optimized template to attract customers, get quotes, and get paid all in one system.

We are rolling out this brand new feature that folks are already loving.  TurfHop has been making big changes for all of our lawn and landscape customers to manage their entire business in one ecosystem. 

How To Get Started

Getting started is really easy and requires zero knowledge of HTML, CSS, or any web technologies.  Simply navigate to the "My Website" page under your management heading.  From here:

  • Enter the root URL for your domain
  • Set your primary and secondary colors (if applicable)
  • Add your SEO title, keywords, and description for search engines to easily find your site (things like "Birmingham, AL Landscaper")
  • Drop in your google analytics script (if you want to track your user traffic)
  • Upload your logo, cover image, and featured image
  • Add your content to the site (services, work, about)
  • Add your contact information
  • Add your social links to facebook, instagram, and twitter
  • Upload photos of your work

And that's it.  When you're satisified you can click "Preview" in the top right to see what it will look like.  Don't forget to click "Save Progress" along the way so your changes aren't lost.  We will automatically drop "Request Quote" and "Pay My Bill" buttons on your site if you have those features enabled in the settings.  If you do not have them enabled, no worries...those buttons just won't display.

Another really cool feature is where you can revert to a previous version if you mess something up.  Just navigate to the "Recent Revisions" tab and click the revision you want to restore.

Going Live

Once you're ready to go live with your new website, you have one last thing to do.  Change the "Status" to "Production" and you will need to log in to your domain registrar to point your domain to our servers.  For most folks, this is godaddy.  You'll simply need to log in and add / update your A record to point to

If you have trouble with this last step, we are happy to help and handle this for you.  Just contact us and we are happy to assist.

Have fun and we look forward to checking out everyone's new website!

PS: Please remember we are beta testing this feature and would like feedback :)

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