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Online Invoicing for Lawn Care & Landscape Companies

Online Invoicing for Lawn Care & Landscape Companies

Posted by Chris Call on 09/27/2018

Turfhop is made to alleviate the pain points of lawn care and landscape companies - to help professionals in the field perform better in every way. Whether that means a drag and drop scheduler or the ability to send out newsletters, we want to make sure that Turfhop has all of the functions you need to run your business.

One of the first modules that are focus groups mentioned needing was the ability to send invoices and receive payments through the app. According to Adyen’s international research on payment processing, most companies can expect a 15-20% increase in total revenue when adding the ability to pay online. 

We want every company that runs their lawn care or landscape business through our management software the ability to improve their bottom line instantly. It made total sense to add in the online invoicing and payment module right out of the gate. Every account type within Turfhop allows users to send invoices via email (using our Mandrill integration), and also receive credit card payments directly from the invoice.

Once you’ve logged into your Turfhop account, you get generate invoices for jobs already completed, or you can turn a quote into an invoice. Both methods can be tracked and managed by administrators in the dashboard for receiving payments, following up on due dates and more.

Each invoice can has as many line items you need. We can pull the products you’ve already got in your dashboard like pine straw, mowing, irrigation, etc., with the prices you’ve already set, and then let you manually add them to an invoice at whatever quantity you need. Conversion from a quote to an invoice is as simple as one click!

However, when you send out an invoice through a 3rd party lawn care management system like Turfhop, you want to make sure the invoice is branded for YOUR lawn care company, not the software system. With Turfhop, we automatically pull your company’s logo straight onto the invoice, with not indication that Turfhop is involved at all. You customers may even think that you own the application yourself!

In the end, all of our features are about adding value to the users. We want to make sure your landscaping company is getting your needs addressed. Have a feature you’d like for us to add? Send us a message on our contact page and we can look into what it would take to make that happen. We want to hear feedback about our app from every landscaping company that uses it!

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