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New List View

New List View

Posted by Mark Hardin on 10/20/2020

Check out our new dashboard list view functionality.  We've completely redesigned your daily schedules so you can quickly filter and view daily totals, assignments, and much more.  We also calculate approximate distance between each of your jobs

Getting Started

Not much to this one, just navigate to your dashboard and click "List View" in the filter bar towards the top of your screen (as seen in screenshot)

As always, thanks for using TurfHop and let us know if you have any questions!

Enable Auto-Pay
By Mark Hardin on 05/12/2020

Want to automatically charge your customer after every cut or job? Quickly and easily setup each of your customers to charge their payment method on file when an invoice is generated

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Job Activity
By Dale Vaughn on 05/11/2020

Tracking everything about your job just got easier. Use the new "Job Activity" feature to view a timeline of events that took place on a particular job

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Custom Fields
By Dale Vaughn on 10/09/2019

Need to create a custom field to capture specific values that are unique to each job? Navigate to your Company Settings > Application Settings tab to setup custom fields for your leads, customers, and jobs

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Purchase Orders
By Mark Hardin on 09/28/2019

Quickly and easily generate purchase orders for your vendors and track the status all the way through delivery. TurfHop gives you tools to send via email and text directly from your phone.

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