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Newsletters & Mass Emails

Newsletters & Mass Emails

Posted by Ashley Hardin

Quickly and easily send out promotion emails, weather notifications, and newsletters to your entire customer base. Even better, you'll be able to see who has viewed your newsletter.  This is a powerful tool that is taking companies to the next level.

Getting Started

This feature is only available to administrators for your company.  Here are the steps to sending your first newsletter:

  1. Click "Newsletters" on your menu under the "Management" heading
  2. Click "Start Newsletter"
  3. Select the criteria of the recipients of your newsletter, promotion email, or weather notification
  4. Give this newsletter a name and subject line of the email
  5. Fill out the body content (tip: upload an image using the "Media Content" tab and reference it in your body)
  6. Click "Send to {count} Customers"

Easy huh? Just make certain you are satisified with the content of you newsletter...once you click "Send" there's no going back :)

Previewing Your Newsletter

You can also test your newsletter by clicking the "Test Newsletter" button in the top right. This gives you the ability to see what your newsletter looks like before sending it to your entire customer base.

Final Thoughts

Relationships are everything in business. TurfHop customers are utilizing this powerful tool to stay in touch with their customers and ultimately improving relationships, cash flow, and retention rates. If you have any questions on how to use this feature, feel free to contact us.

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