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User and Role Permissions

User and Role Permissions

Posted by Dale Vaughn on 06/01/2021

Need to control access levels for your team?  We've added an easy-to-use tool for setting up both user-based and role-based permissions.  Even create new roles with unique permissions as needed

How Does It Work?

You can click the "Permissions" button at the top of the desktop version or from your mobile app navigate to Management > Permissions.  From there you'll be able to click on each module of the app and assign "Read Write", "Read Only" or "No Access" permissions accordingly.

Simply toggle on and off your desired access level for each role, and then make sure your users have the appropriate roles assigned.  If you click "User Permissions" in the top right, you'll notice you can see the users access level (and where it's derived).  Need to override a specific area for a specific user?  No problem, just navigate to the user and toggle it accordingly.

Remember, permissions are always defaulted to the least restrictive access. This means that if a user is trying to access "Company Settings" and is assigned 2 roles, they will be able to access "Company Settings" if one of the 2 roles allows access. Users will typically not see links to areas that have "No Access" permissions defined. Also, when modifying permissions, users will need to log out and back in for them to be effective.

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