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Rescheduling Jobs

Rescheduling Jobs

Posted by Kate Strohmeyer

Need to adjust a job that is already scheduled out for the next year? Need to adjust service frequency? Navigate to the specific job and click Actions > Reschedule to perform big adjustments to a customers scheduled jobs

Rescheduling jobs are easy and you have several different ways to accomplish this task:

  • Drag and drop events on the calendar
  • Click the "Schedule" tab on a job and manually edit the event
  • Click Actions > Reschedule on a job

The last option will give you a screen where you can:

  • Delete future (or all) events on the calendar for a specific job
  • Modify the service frequency for the remainder of the job schedule
  • Modify the time, crew assignment, and event title

Don't forget that some jobs are billed "By The Job," so adjusting service frequency will adjust the amount that is billed to the customer each month.

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