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Appointment & Invoice Reminders

Appointment & Invoice Reminders

Posted by Kate Strohmeyer

Define your reminder templates and let TurfHop do the rest. We even give you options to define when your customer gets reminded. Improve customer relationships and cash flow with this feature

Getting Started

Setting up invoice and appointment reminders are easy. You can even define if you want them to receive a text messages, email, or both:

  1. Navigate to your "Company Settings" under the management heading
  2. Click the "Invoicing" tab
  3. Scroll down and click "Add Reminder"
  4. Give this reminder a name and enter the number of days after the invoice date you would like to remind 
  5. Then enter your SMS text message or email (using keywords if needed
  6. Click save

Remember this will only notify customers with an email (or phone) defined and if their invoice is currently statused as Open or Partially Paid on the specified date.

Appointment Reminders

Very similarly, you can setup appointment reminders to remind your customers of an upcoming appointment on the schedule. Follow the same steps as above, just click the "Application Settings" tab to define your reminder(s).

Opting Out

Some customers will inevitably not want to be notified everytime they have an appointment. Simply navigate to those customers and click the "Opt Out Of Appointment Notifications" checkbox to prevent them from receiving a notification.

Please give us a shout if you have questions setting up this feature!

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