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Invoice Delivery

Invoice Delivery

Posted by Mark Hardin on 07/06/2018

Ever wondered if your customer has received and viewed an invoice you sent? We fixed this issue. Easily check to see if your invoice has been viewed by going to the "Invoices" screen and you'll see "Viewed" next to the status.

The Big Picture

Every email that is delivered through TurfHop is tracked. We check to see if it was delivered to the recipient's inbox and if it was fact we track how many times it's been opened.

You can view this from several places in the application:

  • "Invoices" screen
  • "Job" screen > Invoices tab
  • "Customer" screen > Invoices tab

You can also view emails that have been manually and automatically generated from the system. We feel this makes the CRM a better tool for you to follow up on any communication with your customers!

Newsletters & Mass Emails
By Ashley Hardin on 07/02/2018

Quickly and easily send out promotion emails, weather notifications, and newsletters to your entire customer base. Even better, you'll be able to see who has viewed your newsletter. This is a powerful tool that is taking companies to the next level

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Analyzing Profit & Cost
By Trey Gallant on 06/29/2018

When setting up your inventory, simply assign a cost per unit (even per location if needed) and easily view the profitability from the job screen. See the screenshot for a complicated example with plants and labor

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Automatic Invoicing
By Kate Strohmeyer on 06/25/2018

Tired of manually invoicing for every cut? Never forget to generate an invoice again. Let TurfHop generate invoices automatically on the day of the job or once a month to improve your cashflow

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Importing & Exporting
By Dale Vaughn on 06/22/2018

Getting started with TurfHop? Need to import data from your old system? Just navigate to your company settings and click "Import / Export" in the top right. Download the sample file and paste in your existing customer's information to get going

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