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Employee Access

Employee Access

Posted by Chris Call on 07/30/2019

Quickly and easily let your employees see their work for the day, request time off for vacation, and more via the employee portal. Setup a pin number and your employees can sign in / out and place a request directly from the TurfHop app.

Getting Started

Have each of your employees download the TurfHop app from the App Store or Google Play directly to their device.  Employees have very restricted access to the system, but will have the ability to sign in with their employee number and pin number to see work assigned to them.

While an employee can be a user in TurfHop, remember that employees are different than users in the system.  You can add unlimited employees but not all employees will have the ability to log in (unless you grant them access).

  • Navigate to Management > Employees
  • Create or edit an employee
  • Make sure to enter a pin number
  • Click "Save"

Now that your employees are setup, give them their employee number and pin number and they can sign in and out from the "Sign In" screen on turfhop: https://turfhop.com/account/employeeaccess

After the employee signs in, they will see the ability to:

  • Clock In / Out
  • Download Today's Jobs
  • See Clock History
  • Request Time Off

When a time off request is made, admins for the TurfHop account will receive an email and have the ability to Approve or Deny the request.  Employees will receive an email confirmation once a request is approved.

If an employee needs access to move events on the calendar, send invoices, etc, you will need to set them up as a user. We typically see crew leaders setup as users so they have the ability to adjust schedules and assignments.

Please contact us if you have any questions getting your employees setup!

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