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Marking Jobs Complete

Marking Jobs Complete

Posted by Kate Strohmeyer on 02/24/2019

Quickly and easily mark all your jobs for the day complete in just a few clicks from your dashboard calendar. Or weather impact your day?  Quickly bump your schedule back a day

Getting Started

We've been trickling some strong updates to your daily workflow over the last week, with more on the way! You can now mark all your jobs for the day complete from one place.

Navigate to the calendar on your dashboard and click on the event you would like to mark complete.  Simply click the green "Mark Event Complete" button, download work order, or move back 1 day.  If you have multiple events scheduled for the same day, you can take the same action on all of those events by click "Update All Events For Today" and it will slide down a few options for you.

We hope this change will make marking your jobs ready for invoicing quick and painless.

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