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Profit & Loss Statement

Profit & Loss Statement

Posted by Dale Vaughn

Your passion is landscaping, probably not accounting so much. TurfHop makes wearing all those hats a little more enjoyable. Navigate to your profit and loss statement for a quick breakdown of your company performance

The Details

Viewing your profit and loss statement is easy, just follow these quick steps:

  1. Click the "Reports" heading on your navigation bar
  2. Click "Profit and Loss Statement"

You can easily change the year and / or provide a custom date range. We give you a quick snapshot of your income, expenses, and profit for each month.

We graph the amount you collected vs the amount of expenses you have to easily spot your annual / monthly trends :)

Appointment & Invoice Reminders
By Kate Strohmeyer

Define your reminder templates and let TurfHop do the rest. We even give you options to define when your customer gets reminded. Improve customer relationships and cash flow with this feature

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Accepting Online Payments
By Dale Vaughn

Efficiency is everything in the green industry. Get paid automatically and faster with TurfHop online payments. We offer low credit card processing fees that can even be passed on to your customers as a "Convenience Fee"

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Forecasting Monthly Expenses
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TurfHop gives you full visibility and oversight of your expenses. Quickly and easily spot trends and track your daily spending by vendor, category, and much more

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Route Optimization
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Need to squeeze in another job or two a day? No more guesswork on how to plan your day. Throw it on the schedule and let TurfHop optimize your route to cut down on travel time

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