Getting the Most of Your Turfhop Account - Lawn and Landscape Business Management Software

Getting the Most of Your Turfhop Account

Getting the Most of Your Turfhop Account

Posted by Michelle Perley on 04/16/2021

Turfhop is a landscaping CRM that helps its users to simplify their business practices by providing an all-in-one management platform.

Many of our users have given Turfhop great reviews describing how much our automatic invoicing, scheduling, and routing features have helped them do better business.

These are not the only features that Turfhop offers its users. Our dynamic lawn care CRM offers many more features to its users. This is true whether your company has a free, Solo or Team subscription.

To help ensure that you and your company are getting the most out of your Turfhop subscription, we’ve compiled a description of features that are available at each subscription level, including ones that you may miss when you first get started.

Free Membership

The Turfhop free membership allows 1 user to manage the business (i.e. schedule jobs, send invoices, manage customers, etc.) and an unlimited number of employees to use the app without management access.

  • Manage Customers
    • Manage all of your customers with this feature. Adding and removing customers are standard features in any CRM. With Turfhop, you can also add priority levels to customers and potential leads, so that you can serve the customers with the highest quantity of work.
  • Build Quotes
    • Streamline the process of quoting jobs with our in-app quote builder. Enter the location of a job, size of the landscape, local tax rate, grass type, and more to give your potential customers an accurate estimate.
  • Schedule Jobs
    • Add or remove jobs on your Turfhop calendar. This feature allows for users to mark a job as recurring so that you only have to enter these jobs one time.
  • Send Invoices
    • Send automatic invoices to customers. To read more about this feature click here (link invoicing post).
  • Get Paid via Credit Card
    • Don’t worry any longer about haggling with customers on mailing in checks only to have them bounce. Get paid quickly by card with this feature.
  • Route Optimization
    • Get to your job easily. Find the most time-effective way to manage your field crew’s daily work load with this feature. For more information click here (link route optimization post).

Solo Subscription

The Turfhop Solo subscription, like the free, allows 1 user to manage the business and an unlimited number of employees to use the app without management access.

Get all of the same features that Turfhop free users get and these listed below.

  • Track Equipment
    • Don’t lose equipment ever again. With this feature, you can keep close tabs of all the equipment in your company’s inventory. Include make, model, serial number, oil type and more when entering your equipment information.
  • Quickbooks Integration
    • Handle your company’s accounting within the Turfhop app. With Quickbooks integration from Turfhop Solo, accounting for your landscaping company is made easy. Quickbooks is a leading accounting software that allows its users to easily keep tabs of cash flow, payroll, taxes and more financial aspects of running a business.
  • Send Newsletters
    • Get more business from past or existing customers with this feature. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to grow your lawn care business. With Turfhop Solo, send newsletters to your customers without having to leave the app.
  • Time Clock
    • Track your entire team’s working hours from the Turfhop app with this feature.
  • Website Builder
    • Having a functional website is crucial if you want customers to find you online. With this feature, you can build a search engine optimized (click here to learn more about Search Engine Optimization) website to increase the likelihood of appearing before potential customers in search results.
  • Track Expenses
    • Never lose track of a business expense again with this feature from Turfhop Solo.
  • Send Purchase Orders
    • By setting recurring purchase orders with this feature, your company can lower the chances of getting caught on a job without enough seed, mulch, fertilizer, etc.

Team Subscription

Turfhop Team subscribers are able to give 10 users management access along with an unlimited amount of employees without management access. This is essential if your landscaping company has multiple branches operating in different locations.

Delegating management access to multiple managers will make the life of you, the business owner, much easier.

Get all of the same features that Turfhop Solo users get and the feature listed below.

  • Advanced Scheduling
    • Delegate work amongst your crews with the Scheduler tool. Quickly schedule your employees’ work for the day, see daily revenue broken down by crews and more.

If you are looking to increase your business’ effectiveness through a landscaping CRM, Turfhop is the app for you. Download the app today and start getting the most of your Turfhop account!

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