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Discounts and Late Fees

Discounts and Late Fees

Posted by Dale Vaughn on 03/12/2019

Quickly and easily apply discounts and late fees to your invoices. If you need to automatically apply late fees to overdue invoices we have a new setting for it in your Company Settings > Invoicing tab.  

Getting Started

You can apply a discount several ways, but the easiest way is:

  • Navigate to an invoice
  • Click Actions in the top right
  • Select "Apply Discount"
  • Enter an ammount and a note (if needed)
  • Click Save

Easy enough?  Manually applying a late fee is the same process:

  • Navigate to an invoice
  • Click Actions in the top right
  • Select "Apply Late Fee"
  • Select your type (fixed amount or percent)
  • Enter an ammount and note (if needed)
  • Click Save

You'll also see a new "Past Due" alert at the top of the invoice when the invoice is overdue.  

Automatically Applying Late Fees

Want to automatically add a late fee to past due invoices?  We just added a new setting to help with this:

  • Navigate to Management > Company Settings
  • Click the Invoicing tab
  • Scroll down until you see "Late Fees"
  • Select the type (fixed amount or percent)
  • Enter your late fee amount
  • Click Save

Every night at midnight, we will apply a late fee to all applicable invoices.

Exempt Customers

There may be select VIP customers that you do not want to get hit with a late fee.  We have an easy solution for this:

  • Navigate to a customer
  • Scroll to bottom
  • Select the "Late Fee Exempt" checkbox
  • Click Save

That's it!  As always we want to hear from you.  Please reach out to us with questions!

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