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Global Reports

Posted by Mark Hardin

Analyzing your company performance just got easier with full oversight of your financials. Navigate to the Reports > Global Reports page to see a breakdown of your sales, operations, and customer data across lots of different metrics.

The Reports

Navigate to Reports > Global Reports and select a report from any of the available categories. Most reports will display a graph for you to easily identify trends and spot deficiencies.  You can always export the report results by clicking the "Export" button in the top right.

Here are a handful of the reports you will be able to run today:

  • Revenue By City
  • Revenue By County
  • Revenue By Customer
  • Revenue By Customer Type
  • Revenue By Job Type
  • Revenue By Product / Service
  • Revenue By Salesperson
  • Revenue By The Month
  • Revenue By The Week
  • Jobs By Billing Frequency
  • Jobs By Service Frequency
  • Jobs By Employee Assignment
  • Jobs By Crew Assignment
  • Jobs By Type
  • Jobs Completed Per Month
  • Jobs Scheduled Per Month
  • Customers By Preferred Payment Method
  • Customers By Terms
  • Customers By Type
  • Customers Needing Email Address
  • Customers With Credit Balance

We are constantly adding new reports, but have one that you think we missed?  Send us your suggestions and we will get them worked into the list :)

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